RK Benefits, Inc. - Services
     Some of our services include:
  • Save your company money, at times, without changing your carrier or plan design

  • Resolve any billing or customer service issues

  • Handle all enrollments, terminations, and changes to the plan

  • Investigate and solve claim problems

  • Create better cash flow with more efficient membership processing

  • Negotiate and process renewals directly with the insurance carriers

  • Provide competitive rates and plans from several insurance carriers, months prior to renewal

  • Keep your company updated on industry trends

  • Perform account education and enrollment meetings on-site, as often as necessary to educate the members about their employee benefits

     From product placement and implementation to plan administration, we are there to serve our clients every day, not just at renewal time.

Free Website Tailored to Each Client!
     In addition to providing day to day service, we give every client their own secure website that is customized around the employee benefits plans implemented in their company.

     The website contains plan specific information and documents such as Benefits Summaries, RX formularies, membership forms, provider directories, etc.

     Employees currently taking the company's benefits package or new hires in their waiting period will have the ability to view, download, and print the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their coverages.

     Every client gets a unique user name and password that will take them automatically to their company's custom tailored website. All employees of the client will be given the user name and password as well, to minimize the time HR spends on benefits related questions.

     By setting up personalized websites for our clients, we save them time and money with the administration of their employee benefits.